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A Burden of Love


Slave. Master. Rebel. Fugitive.

Now husband and wife, Yonah and Naris do all they can to present themselves as the perfect couple. As a new slave master, Yonah must learn how to maneuver the politics of the upper class. What Naris doesn’t know is that, not only is Yonah lying about her true feelings for her husband, but she is also contributing to the rebellion by using their home as a safehouse for slaves escaping Harasa.


Yonah can only guess what Naris might do to her if he were to discover her betrayal. All she knows is that her luck will eventually run out, and she will once again be an enemy to the government. Yonah is more than willing to risk a lifetime of imprisonment or re-enslavement for the sake of ending slavery in Harasa, but her husband is the type of man who likes to take justice into his own hands.


Can Naris’ love protect Yonah from his wrath?


This novel is the second installment in the A Collection of Scars trilogy.

Paperback copies available in Saskatoon at McNally and Indigo!

Talk to your local bookstore or library to order your physical copy!


"The much anticipated sequel lived up to, and surpassed my expectations. Leaving me waiting for answers at unexpected turns, and giving me heart wrenching moments, making me question my feelings.
If you haven't read A Collection of Scars.... Go do it!! If you have.... A Burden of Love will not disappoint!"


"As soon as I finished A Collection of Scars I was counting down the months until there would be a sequel! I instantly fell right back into Yonah's story with ease. The power dynamics explored in this sequel had me on the edge of my seat even more so than when reading ACOS. Heather does an amazing job of transporting the reader into an entirely different world."


"The suspense and constant battle in my mind surrounding Yonah and Naris’ relationship was even more conflicting as the story progressed. Heather’s clever writing made the story all encompassing and thought provoking, even in the rare moments that I was able to put it down.

If you’re looking for a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat, help you escape from reality, and make you question everything, A Burden of Love is for you."
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