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A Collection of Scars

Yonah has a life-changing decision to make...

Ever since she was sold into slavery and separated from her brother and sister, all she’s ever wanted was to reunite with them. But Yonah grapples with an unwilling attraction to her temperamental master, Naris, who has swiftly fallen in love with her.


Whispers of rebellion can be heard throughout Harasa and the slave population wants to see an end to their subjugation. Yonah has an opportunity to do her part, which will threaten her relationship with Naris and potentially hinder her ability to find her brother and sister.

Can she find the strength to defy her master?

Paperback copies available in Saskatoon at McNally and Indigo!

Talk to your local bookstore and library to order your hard copy!


"Loved it! This story was easy to get caught up in. The characters’ emotions and struggles, the setting, the relationships all draw you in until you can’t put it down. A real page-turner; I can’t wait to see what happens next!"


"This book is dark and beautiful. It's got what I look for in a dystopian novel- characters I can root for, compelling world building, and it's made me think about issues in the real world. It's a fantastic first novel."


"Heather’s first novel is well written and the dystopian world is elegant and interesting. The power dynamic between the MCs is uncomfortable at times but it makes you hope for a better life for Yonah and the desire to see her get some sort of revenge for her treatment. I’m looking forward to the sequel!"
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